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HOURS:  The Varna Community Center building is open whenever there is a scheduled event. For access to the building at other times, contact us ahead of time. Email is best:



The board is composed a minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 volunteers who approve activities which support the

VCA mission, make policy decisions, oversee VCA finances,  and ensure

that all legal obligations of the corporation are met.

2023 Board Members:

Janet Morgan, chair

Meghan McQuaid Reiff, vice chair

Simon St.Laurent, treasurer

Mason Jager, secretary

Carolyn Hover

Matthew Perry


When Usually the first Monday of the month at 7pm


Who: Open to the public. VCA members are especially encouraged to attend.

Where: Varna Community Center

943 Dryden Rd.


Contact us to make sure of the date and location of the next meeting.

GENERATOR:  The VCA has a large generator that automatically comes on if the power is off.  In case of a sustained outage, the Community Center will be available as a place to get warm, find information, charge phones, etc. 

VCA BARN:  The metal barn at the back of the VCA's property is used by Habitat for Humanity for storage of building supplies. We are happy to provide this space and grateful for occasional help from Habitat volunteers - they were amazing when we installed the fence around the playground!

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WOODLAND TRAIL: The bridge near the playground provides access to a short trail through the woods. The trail is not on VCA property but we have been granted permission to create and use the trail. It connects to Hillside Acres mobile home park. In the future, we hope to connect it to the Dryden Rail-Trail. 

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The Varna Community Association is a T-free zone. Use of tobacco products is not allowed on VCA property, either indoors or outdoors.


The VCA outdoor recreational facilities are open to the public from dawn to dusk. Follow these rules on VCA property:

  • Show respect for others and for equipment and furniture

  • Playground is designed for children 2-12 years

  • Children 12 and under must be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times

  • When the Varna After School Program is in session, VASP staff are in charge of all recreational activities. Others must follow their directions

  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed inside the fence

  • Outside the playground, follow Town of Dryden leash law

  • Clean up before leaving. Place trash in the dumpster and recyclables in the R dumpster

  • Close playground gate when leaving

  • Alcohol is not allowed in the playground 

  • Report equipment concerns by leaving a message at:  607-272-2658

  • In case of emergency call 911


playground.SimonPanorama copy.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 2.33.25 PM.jpg

FUNDING:  As a private, not-for-profit corporation, the VCA is not funded by the Town of Dryden or other government agencies. To provide services to the community, we rely on donations, fundraising activities, grants and rental income.  

We accept donations of refund cans and bottles as well as used ink cartridges. Leave your donations at the front door of the Community Center and a volunteer will turn them into cash.  

Financial donations are vital for us and tax deductible for you. Send a check made out to "Varna Community Association" to PO Box 4771, Ithaca NY 14852-4771. Or, donate online:   

Watch for announcements of fundraising activities on our homepage and in the Varna News. 

Rental income helps pay for insurance, service contracts, etc. 

Learn about renting VCA facilities here

GRANTS are particularly helpful for major improvements to VCA property. We are grateful for recent grants that allowed us to make kitchen upgrades and install a new air-handler to provide ventilation and air-filtration throughout the Varna Community Center:

  • Tompkins County Industrial Development Agency ​

  • United Way T.Merrell Shipherd Fund

  • Child Development Council

  • McPheron Family Fund 

  • Women Building Community​

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